10th July 2020

1)What was your first connection with the collection of instruments?

I donated a French consul piano by Henri Pape 1848 to the museum and have been associated with the collection and the Burnetts ever since (over 30 years)

2) Do you have a favourite? Why? I love them all. Each instrument has a special characteristic for the composer of that time

3)Any anecdotes from your time with the Burnetts or the collection?

My favourite group that visited was the Rolls Royce Club of Great Britain. All their beautiful cars lined up on the driveway in a multitude of colours. And much to my pleasant surprise, they loved the instruments, joined in singing Land of Hope and Glory on the Prince Consort piano with great vigour and ate heartily from the splendid meal Graham had provided.

4)How do you feel it has impacted your career?

I have always had an interest in period instruments since being amoungst the first students to learn harpsichord at the Royal College of Music. My delight in discovering the Burnetts at Finchcocks and being able to use their wonderful collection meant that I as confident in using similar period instruments in historic houses and museums both in England and abroad

5) What advice would you give to a young musician considering early keyboard instruments?

My advice to a young musician is go for it! But learn how to look after your instruments as technicians are thin on the ground and learn from respected musicians who have spent a life-time coming to grips with the historical importance of interpretation using such instruments.