24th December 2020

Dear Friends:

We apologise for putting out no blogs for the past weeks - but with so much uncertainty in the world we did not quite know what to announce. Looking back on 2020 it was the strangest season as we had organised a really hectic season of events, which included the Beethoven 200th Anniversary with a wonderful array of brilliant musicians ; we also had many interesting groups from all over the world, including universities and a Russian Conservatoire who were bringing over a team of students for courses and concerts. However, everything had to be cancelled [including our own celebrations for our Golden Wedding ]

However, we have not been idle over thepast months. There is much to plan and it is good in a way to have more time to do this.

The Finchcocks Charity is committed to develop a greater appreciation of period keyboard instruments and to bring alive the sound world of the great classical composers - but for this to be possible these wonderful instruments need to be tended by skilled technicians – tuners, restorers and conservators. There have never been so many fine musicians eager to play and study the instruments, and never been so few trained technicians to maintain them.

The Charity has been providing bursaries for training for the past two years, and we are now linking up with other organisations including workshops for a major investment campaign.

On the performing side we are intending to sponsor a high quality video recording of the instruments in the Richard Burnett Collection. We hope to start these in the new year. We hope very much to be able to welcome groups and students to play the instruments themselves and have all sorts of new ideas of musical afternoons.

Also we have started on another major campaign of rephotographing all our prints of the pleasure gardens and other musical events so that we can make further use of them on our website and other ways. We have well over 200 of these prints which we have been collecting for the past 40 years.

Also for a bit of fun we are collating a book of recipes from musicians and friends of the Finchcocks charity that have been supporting us for many years. We send you our best wishes wherever you are and hope to be in good communication for the year ahead. Best wishes for the new year.