18th Sep 2020

Recordings of the past

Some recollections

Recordings on the collection of period instruments was always and intrinsic part of the Finchcocks project. Finchcocks was originally by Richard in 1971 both to house his own growing collection of keyboards but his main thrust to start with was as a partner in Adlam Burnett Historical Keyboard Instruments Ltd. Which ran in the ancillary workshops from 1971-1980.

Derek Adlam himself was a fine early keyboard player with many contacts in this world and the first recordings were mainly done in the Decca L’oiseau Lyre series. And included recordings by the distinguished harpsichordists Colin Tilney, Christopher Hogwood, Malcolm Binns and other players.

After 1980, the Adlam Burnett team had dispersed although we still retained close contacts with members of the team and the next extensive batch of recordings was taken over by the West Country Firm and their Finchcocks/Amon Ra series which altogether produced around 50 recordings in that series.

Each week we will be filling humorous stories and anecdotes from the series.