28th March 2020

Education Events in 2019

Report by Gary Branch, Educational Coordinator

“2019 was a very busy year for educational events supported by The Finchcocks Charity and The Richard Burnett Collection .

This started in March with a fabulous competition for young pianists aged between 8 and 16, who performed music by Clementi on the 1822 Clementi grand piano, which was sponsored by Christopher Clementi, direct descendant of the composer.

We collaborated with Dulwich Festival, who promoted the competition and helped with the organisation. In July there was a wonderful Concert by Young Musicians ranging from primary school children to young professionals studying at music college, which was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tunbridge Wells.

We finished the season in November with a return of the Open Day for Pianists, which gives interested pianists a chance to play and get to know the instruments from earlier times. This was followed by a fine concert by the pupils of Elena Silena . “