12th November 2020


Richard Burnett writes about the piano:

“One of the loveliest instruments in the collection is the tiny little piano built by the great instrument builder Anton Walter in about 1800. Pianos such as these were enormously popular all over the western world, because they could be fitted so neatly into a small drawing room. In Vienna they were known as tafel klavier [table pianos] , while in England they were usually called square pianos, “square” being an old English term for something that was suitably contained. Although so small, the instrument can be heard clearly at considerable distance as the sound is remarkably clear. The tone colour is very beautiful, and the pure sound is aided by the fact that there are no unison problems in tuning , for there is only one string for each note. The instrument is so light that it can easily be carried under one arm, and it was oribably designed to be a travelling piano.”

Affectionately known as “Wally” this little piano has had quite an active travelling life itself over the past thirty years. It has been played in many lectures recitals up and down the UK. It also starred in a full length solo recital in a major German music festival, recorded by Radio Cologne and also for a celebration of the Battle of Waterloo, performed in the British Embassy in Paris.

Recorded at Finchcocks Musical Museum. Released 1985

Haydn. Sonata in A; Pieces for a Musical Clock; Sechs Varionen Clementi. Six Progressive sonatinas Op. 36 Beethoven. Ecossaise in G; Waltz in D; Allemande in A; Rondo in C op. 51 No 1

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