The Charity for Musical Education

The Finchcocks Charity continues to support musical projects specialising in period keyboard instruments. This includes concerts, courses, master-classes, recordings, academic research and performance-related projects. Where possible these projects should be related to the instruments in The Richard Burnett Heritage Collection. However, The Finchcocks Charity is also committed to support a wider policy of encouraging the knowledge and enthusiasm for bringing the sound-world of the great baroque, classical and romantic composers alive. There is special consideration given to individuals demonstrating a commitment to the study of period keyboard instruments and their music and for projects which promote an awareness and understanding of the subject


The Finchcocks Charity also supports specialised training in the restoration, conservation and maintenance of historic keyboard instruments.

Eligibility for Grants will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

NB for the sake of clarity:

In 2016 Finchcocks was purchased by Neil and Harriet Nichols, to be used principally as their family home. However, they are also planning to launch a new musical venture at Finchcocks and will be running residential piano courses for adults, using modern grand pianos and aimed at all ability ranges. Keep an eye on their blog for details of their plans.
This is a separate venture and there is no connection with this to the Richard Burnett Heritage Collection and The Finchcocks Charity for Musical Education.