20th May 2021


Katie Derham (Television presenter) Katrina Burnett, and Steven Devine. First section of a new Video series on the Finchcocks Charity and the Richard Burnett Collectionat Waterdown House. The series will be released later this summer.

This section was recorded at Waterdown House last month. Katie Derham, a well known figure on television when music is involved, introduces the series.

Katrina Burnett, a director of the Charity, fllled in the background to the collection and the Charity- its purpose to bring alive the sound world of the great classical composers as an Open Resource; she also gave thoughts for the future. Steven Devine, hrsichordiat and conductor, did a quick tour of the 14 instruments which form the present Richard Burnett Collection at Waterdown House.

Although we all hope fervently that “normal service will be resumed as soon as possible”, and the house once again will be filled with music and visitors almost every day, we have not been idle in the gap, with a number of new projects simmering away. 2021 is in many ways a new and exciting era for the Charity.

This Video series will be released. section by section. Each instrument will have its own section. The series has been master- minded by Gary Branch, and the different sections will be released one by one from June. Each instrument will be played and discussed by different performers. There will also be one section recorded not at Wsterdown House, but at the workshop near Bath of Lucy Coad, well known as a leading international figure in restoring square pianos, who is much involved with training new generation of technicians. There s now a frightening dearth of tuners, restorers and conservators, which have become truly an endangered species. The Charity is committed to support this worthy cause.

There is lots coming up as we look ahead. along We will keep you informed as we go along. Please let us know if you would like to be on Our Maiilng List for the future.

Meanwhile we all send you our very best wishes, and hope that the months ahead will be happy ones for you!

Please keep watching this space for the next update