Fourteen original and important period keyboard instruments from the seventeenth
to the mid nineteen centuries are displayed and used regularly by keyboard players, professionals, amateurs, students and children.


Cawton Aston spinet, circa 1700

Jacob Kirckman harpsichord, 1756

Lindholm and Söderström Swedish clavichord 1806

Michael Rosenberger Viennese fortepiano, circa 1795

Johann Fritz Viennese fortepiano, 1815

Conrad Graf Viennese fortepiano, 1826

John Broadwood grand piano, 1801

John Broadwood grand piano, 1823

Clementi & Co grand piano, 1822

Pleyel grand piano, 1842

Erard grand piano, 1866

Longman & Broderip square piano, 1780

Anton Walter square piano, circa 1805

Clementi & Co square piano, 1824

The Richard Burnett Collection comprises fourteen original and important period keyboard instruments dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These instruments are available for study and performance by amateurs and professionals, and are regularly used for activities in aid of the Finchcocks Charity.
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